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Non-Lender Appraisals for $250

We have been in the residential appraisal business for decades and pride ourselves on service, honesty and accuracy. Whether you're the buyer or the seller, expect an appraisal with no surprises from us, and our fees to undertake your appraisal won't max out your budget.


Our appraisers calculate 'comparables,' using public records and realtor resources to compare your house to others, factoring in positive and negative adjustments based on his research. The appraiser uses a standard reporting formula to synthesize all of the research in keeping with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines.

Quick turn around times

Appraisals can be provided in as little as 24 hours. Contact us toady and have your appraisal in hand tomorrow.


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Client Testimonials

Mike Schlittler

Stonegate Mortgage Corporation

I have worked with St. Louis Appraisers over the years. The appraisal ordering process was quick and efficient. The appraisals we receive are top quality and are completed quicker than any other appraisal company we have dealt with! I want to thank the staff at St. Louis Appraisers! The appraisal process from start to finish is easy and the quality of the appraisals are always impressive!

Joseph J Effinger

Midwest Mortgage Capital

I would recommend St. Louis Appraisers to any institution looking to engage a professional appraisal company. I have been ordering appraisals with them over the years and I've found them to consistently deliver excellent customer service. Their market analysis is always well done and based on market evidence. It's been a pleasure doing business with them.

Fee Schedule & Areas of Service

Fee Schedule

Up-front payment only

Single-Family Appraisal : $300
FHA Appraisal : $350
Drive-by 2055 Exterior only inspection : $250
Condo : $300
Condo Exterior only : $250
2-4 Unit Income Property : $500
Drive-by 2070 or 2075 : $150
Operating Income Statement : $50
Single Family Rent Schedule : $50
Desk Review : $200
Field Review : $300
Same Day Service Add :$100

Missouri areas we cover:

Eastern Missouri including

St. Louis City
St. Louis County
St. Charles County
Jefferson County
Franklin County

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Our Promise

We do Real Estate Appraisals with a quick turn times, usually 48-72 hours and sometimes as fast as 24 hours! Order your appraisal today and have it in your hands tomorrow.